A Life in the Bubble

living in the MC bubble is an experience. but inside the bubble are smaller bubbles.

last year I decided to float between each one. each day brings a new adventure with new people that teach me new ways to have fun.

there is the cross country bubble. running before the sun. praising God over peaceful sunrises. sweaty weight rooms. painful practices. homework on a bus. mind battles of perseverance.

there is the social world. tribes and clubs. late night waffle house runs. deep talks over coffee. rush skits to date nights (hearing about them at least). hammocks. frisbee.

the world of classes. buried in the library. loads of homework. reading. coffee. more reading.

the world of RUF. seniors and freshman. ultimate frisbee. acoustic hymns. laughter. fellowship. genuine worship.

I love each bubble. the people are unique and special in each of their own ways. I learn to live the gospel in different ways.

but I wonder what would happen if these bubbles collided? shawreth in the weight room. RUF at choctaw trails. worship in the library.

now THAT would be an interesting day.


One thought on “A Life in the Bubble

  1. Many times, bubbles do collide and at that time, all you do is leave things up to Almighty God, and he will push you in the right flow and will guide you to do right thing! You write really good! 🙂

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