support letters

it’s been a busy week. practices. errands. Cups. RUF. meeting new freshman. support letters. homework. and all the while I tell myself, SLOW DOWN! I know I need rest, physical rest, but I am wondering if there are enough hours in the day to be a student, athlete, friend, and future Ugandan missionary. thankfully, my mornings belong to the Lord.

“I sat down in His shade with great delight, and His fruit was sweet to my taste.” song of solomon 2:3

oh how sweet is the fruit of my Lord. His peace pours over me like refreshing water. each morning I come to Him, open to learn, submitting myself to His teaching. I pray for clothes of humility to cover me. I have so much to learn before I leave (and so much to learn once I’m there).

this verse is my prayer. this hymn I want in my wedding. this is where I’ll be in 3.5 months. Lord willing.

shout out to several wonderful friends this weekend: one was there when I was in need, one took me exploring, two brought food, five helped prepare 130 support letters, 3 prayed for uganda, 1 spent a night talking about the Lord, and 1 flew back from europe! I am blessed. thank you Jesus.


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