national coffee day


after a long week of tests, little sleep, & lots of miles, I spent this weekend resting. slept 9 hours friday night. ran 12 miles saturday morning. then celebrated one of the world’s best holidays, national coffee day, with the cross country girls doing a little shopping.

a rainy saturday night was perfect for pumpkin soup (used this recipe, but there are probably better ones out there) & cinnamon bread & late night talks with a friend. three of my favorite things! fall sparks my love for everything pumpkin. I want to attempt some of these. maybe I’ll actually learn how to cook before the end of fall! (however, the burned pumpkin cinnamon toast this morning was not a good start.)

there are times in life where everything seems to point to one lesson God is trying to teach me. right now it’s rest. this sermon summed up much of what I’ve been learning. I can’t wait to listen to the next few.

rest is living with a disposition of quiet dependency before God so that there’s quiet in the chaos & calm amidst the storm. so when college life offers tests, late nights, injuries, financial strains, hard relationships, loneliness…peace is present. matthew 11:28-30 says to come to Jesus to find rest. He commands to take up His yoke because it is easy and light.  how do I handle this oxymoron. a burden that is light? yes. because I do not carry this burden by myself. on the other side of the yoke is Jesus Himself. He stands there smiling & encouraging & loving me when times are good & when times are hard. I do not carry the yoke alone. because of Jesus’ strength & His perfect act of obedience on the cross, this yoke is easy & light. I desire to put it on. I yearn to obey His will down the paths He plans for me each moment of the day. I find myself praying along with Moses “if I have found favor in Your sight, please show me now Your ways, that I may know You in order to find favor in Your sight…” And the Lord replies, “‘My presence will go with you & I will give you rest.'” (exodus 33:13-14)


p.s. here are a few more verses on rest & obedience. I highly encourage going through them & spending solitary time with the Lord. it’s worth it. isaiah 30:15-21; psalm 23 & 25; proverbs 3:5-8; proverbs 4:18; jeremiah 6:16; mark 1: 35; psalm 46:10


4 thoughts on “national coffee day

  1. Love your insight and the way you connect your thoughts to actual sermons, pictures, and insight. Your blog challenges me to live more restfully in Christ.

  2. Ok I MISS YOU!!! i cant wait to see you again!! but i have to say, this truly was an awesome post for me…im in serious need of some rest and this really spoke to me. You are so awesome….thank you for sharing : )

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