“He restores my soul….He leads me…in paths of righteousness…for His. name’s. sake.” Psalm 23:3

restores: Hebrew verb shuwb meaning “to return, turn back”

when life gets too much. when I am overwhelmed. when anxiety attacks. when the future is scarey. when I lose focus. when I fall behind. when all I want to do it cry. or scream.

He restores my soul. He brings me back. He turns my eyes back to His.

then He leads me. He guides my baby steps, one at a time. I can trust this Leader. He leads me exactly where I long to go: His paths of righteousness. paths of His right-ness.

& why? for His glory. my heart’s goal & deep desire. my life’s purpose. but I can never seem to do it on my own. in His grace, He helps me.

& there is satisfaction. peace settles in. questions leave unanswered. problems fall to the floor, unsolved. chaos buzzes but to no avail. peace blankets it all.

this is all about God. God is all about God. He has to be. no one else is as perfect, divine, holy, eternal. therefore, I yearn to be all about God. nothing else matters. nothing else satisfies.

& there it is again. Isaiah 30:15. repentence of busyness, of loudness, of worries, fears, and failures…. followed by silence & holy rest. & a quietness filled with trust.


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