first off: support raising. I now have over half of the $8,000! God has blown my mind again by bringing in over $2,500 in 7 days. A-mAZING! He is teaching me to stop fretting and simply trust (psalm 37).

the parental unit drove up this weekend for a visit and to cheer me on saturday morning in the ASC conference cross country meet.

(for all you of you who have no idea what that is: in college sports, conference is what the team works on, dreams about, talks about, meditates on, sleeps on… for months. it’s all your coach talks about. 2 whole weeks before center around one thing: winning conference. plus you get a ring!)

we have been preparing for this race for months. it was on our trails. and we were ready! each of us ran a personal best and four of us made the all-conference team! however, as a team we tied for first. this means it falls to who’s 6th runner finished first. unfortunately, TLU had us beat. we walked away with the 2nd place trophy.

HOWEVER! after we had all left, each each of us received a text to get back to the trail asap! apparently, the rule of tie-breaking had changed this year. no longer did it come down to the 6th runner, but now the officials compare the runner-by-runner place finishes for the five scoring runners of the tied teams with the team winning the majority of places earning the tie-break and higher position. MC had three runners in the top 5! WE WON CONFERENCE!

I can’t even begin to describe the screaming and tears that followed that announcement. it was a beautiful moment. now, as a team, we will compete in regionals in two weeks.        and we get a ring.

overall, good weekend.


did you really think I would forget to add something about pumpkin! pumpkin risotto. favorite pumpkin dinner so far! highly recommend it!


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