a phonecall from africa.


for weeks, Lesley Stevens & I have been trying to call each other (Lesley is one of the missionaries in bundibugyo. she’s the one who’s “over me” while I’m there). this morning, a 12 digit number showed up on my phone.         africa’s calling.

we got to talk for 57 minutes. music was playing in the background the whole time. she said, “do you hear that noise behind me? well, it’s the mission’s church. whenever something big happens here, the people play music, quite loudly, for days. bring ear plugs!” this is africa.

she told me little bit more of what I will be doing. 3-4 days of the week I will be taking care of 2 year old, Finch, Lesley and Michael’s son. this frees up Lesley, who is pregnant & due a month after I leave, to work on the nutrition program. in the afternoons, I will be helping with the girls soccer team. Lesley said, “so we heard you went to briarwood & the only thing we know about that school is that it has a great soccer program. so we are assuming you know soccer?” “Uh, lesley, there’s a reason why I run….” well, I guess I will start catching up on my soccer skills. (or learning them in general) you can at least count on those girls being in shape because, if all else fails, we’ll run! however, my main job will be to disciple the girls on the team. I can’t wait!

another one of my jobs will be to organize & lead the kids club on thursdays. it’s amazing how God brings us jobs & roles in life to prepare us for the future. my junior year in high school, I led a kids club in a small hispanic community in birmingham called La Quemada. hopefully the lessons I learned on patience, leadership, listening to the Lord, & children’s attention spans will help while in Bundi.

I will be living in a house with 2 other girls. lesley said they cook. (whew!) there is a shower & this particular house has hot water. recently, internet was installed. apparently the wireless is more reliable than electricity. 2 to 3 days a week, I will meet with a language teacher to learn Lubwisi, the local language.

the main thing lesley stressed was that in Africa, it never works out the way you plan it! “here’s a tentative schedule, but if you never do any of this, that’s normal. perfectly fine actually. just go with the flow. Michael thought he was coming to do one thing, but once we got here, he found out he was doing something completely different. that’s africa,” said Lesley.

that’s africa. I feel like I will be saying that a lot. wow, this whole trip is becoming more real. I remember in august, I could barely think about leaving in January. it was just so far off. now, I can barely stop thinking about leaving. in only 75 days, I will be boarding a plane.

please continue to pray. after talking to Lesley, I am so excited, but realize that a lot has to be done in these next 2 months from shots to tests & homework to clothes to another $1,500 to the regional xc meet next weekend. but God has done so much already. He is trustworthy. I know, in His timing, it will all be done.

pray also that now & while I am there, I will be constantly listening to the Lord in humility. discipling girls is a scarey idea. thankfully, I am not doing it on my own. this is God’s message. I am only the messenger. so pray that I will clearly hear God’s message & that even now, He will be teaching me lessons I can share with those girls.


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