-1it’s here. finals week. actually, it’s been here since last saturday when I began studying. when you add in coffee, friends, a baby (not mine!), good music,  & random off campus locations, studying is not that bad. only thing that has been rough this week is our coffee pot. it is adding a most disgusting flavor to our coffee. & after several washes & vinegar & water rinses, we now have burned vinegar flavored coffee. delicious.

my thoughts are always scattered during finals (well that’s my excuse for this week). so this blog post is going to be short & random! brace yourselves.

i’m broadening my spectrum of music. here are a few new artists i’m enjoying: sucre’s “when we were young” & elizaveta’s “dreamer” & any of sufjan stevens new christmas album.

caf food is gross. avoid it at all costs. you can only eat so many salads & turkey sandwiches.

read today’s entry of my utmost for his highest. repentance is always good. especially when the Holy Spirit is involved.

every once in a while, my dad writes me a w.o.w. letter (words of wisdom… from dad). I received one in the mail today (much excitement when there’s something actually in my p.o. box). he challenged me that life is not about quantity but about quality. “better, better, better. not more, more, more.” this applies to friendships, marriage, school, work…. that’s something that I daily need to be reminded of. he finished the letter with a “good luck on finals” & a nice little reminder: “anyone can start well. it’s finishing that counts.”

here’s a good quote that my dad included from an article:   “Let us not be so consumed with getting through that we let it all pass by. let us not be in such a hurry to get there that we don’t experience what’s here. let us not be so obsessed with making a living that we miss out on making a life. much, not many.” this applies to how I’ve tried to view this semester. being all present, wherever, I am. not wishing for the next season. but it’s hard. sometimes I wish God would just show me the outcome.

last thought. prayer. I need lots of it for uganda. people have been asking me how they can be praying for me. so here is an ever-growing list:

humility as i adjust to a new culture & people & daily realized that i’m a sanctified mess. not to become overly frustrated when I make cultural mistakes, instead, learn from them. strength & energy. boldness in proclaiming the gospel. protection from the enemy’s attacks (physically & spiritually). time to get away with the Lord & soak in all He is teaching me. rest. a smooth adaptation to the culture. patience. unity with the team. submissiveness. my tongue to be guarded. love for the people (even now before I meet them). lastly, soccer skills. (feel free to answer that prayer request!)


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