before everyone ruffles their feathers about this post, I need to throw out a disclaimer: I have been studying theology for the past week for my theology class (trying, hoping, & praying for an A!!!). one of the essay questions is on election/predestination, so I began the search in the Truth. these are just a few of my thoughts as I was preparing for the essay. I thought they may be worth sharing & may even prompt someone to do their own search. feel free to comment (but nicely please!).

what is our purpose? why were we created? to glorify God.

what is God all about? His glory. there is nothing greater, holier, or higher than Himself.

so did He elect us? yes.

why? Isaiah 43:7,21 says He made us & chose us to proclaim His name & show the pleasure He has in it.

Man cannot choose God. 1 Corinthians 1:29-30 says that man cannot boast before God. if we chose Him, we would be able to claim some form of power & part in the saving of our souls. it would put some part of God’s glory & His plan for His children into the indecisive, fickle, weak, & helpless hands of man. ephesians 1:3-5,7 says that God has not left the power of who are His “chosen ones” to the self-determining power of man.

finally, 2 Corinthians 4:4-6 says that an unbeliever’s mind is blinded by the god of this world. God has to shine into a believer’s heart so that he can know God.

we are dead in our sins, according to ephesians 2:1. can a dead man at the bottom of a lake reach up & grab a rope that could save his life? no, that’s ridiculous. he’s dead! so can we, who are dead in all the evil & bad things we are born into & do in each day (from our thoughts to our actions), can we save ourselves by choosing Christ? we’re dead!

someone once explained election to me like this: when we walk into heaven we’re going to see the gate before us. we look up & written at the top is “free will.” but as we walk under the gate & into the kingdom, we will stop & take one last glance at the beautiful gate. but, surprisingly, on this side of the gate is written another word: “predestined.”

we take the first step. God takes the second step. & by the time we get to the third step, we realized God took the first step. (from Steve Brown’s a Scandolous Freedom)

but who am I to know or solve a great theological question that no one has answered for centuries? I’m just a 20 year old girl trying to pass her theology class.

wish me luck! the exam is tomorrow!


One thought on “elected.

  1. Wish you “luck”???? There is no such thing. I pray you God’s will for His glory…and may He see your A as a reflection of His glory!

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