shalack, at christmas.

christmas break. i’ve been home for over a week. i was dreading this time at first. i just wanted to leave straight from school to africa. i didn’t want to say goodbye. i didn’t want to have to be in a house full of so many people enjoying a moment that i can barely keep my eyes on, because i’m already looking to the next.

but this time is needed. i’ve realized that now. i have so much to learn. about myself. about God. about His Son. about grace. even about christmas.

i am going through beth moore’s book breaking free. in it was a new picture, for me, of God’s sacrifice of His Son for us. it is so good that I have to share it.

isaiah 61:1 says, “…He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted…” the hebrew word for sent is shalack meaning “to shoot (forth).” to shoot, like an arrow.

psalm 127:3-4  says, “children are a heritage from the LORD […] like arrows in the hand of a warrior.”

here is a picture the bible paints for us. a man has a quiver & he fills his quiver with arrows. the arrows are his children. the more arrows, the better off the man is to face the future, to face life.

Jesus is God’s only Son (john 3:16,17). He is God’s only arrow. a perfect, priceless arrow that God adores. He is like no other. none can match His glory. this arrow is the beloved Son of God.

but God has 2 loves. God looked down & saw man, His work of art. made & formed to be like their Father, to reflect His glory. His heart melt at the sight of His children. but they had decided to on a different life plan, one separated from their Father. His own creation had decided that they were better off loving each other & the creation around them, than the Creator.

God saw this. He saw their sin & saw their helplessness. His children were perishing in their own folly. something had to be done to save them.

God had these 2 loves. His Son & His creation. He was overwhelmed with His love for both. He knew a sacrifice had to be made. to save one, the other must die.

so God drew His one, priceless, beloved arrow. His quiver was now empty. He held the arrow in His hands. it’s beauty was overwhelming. He smiled, a pain-filled but loving smile. God took the arrow & placed it in the bow. He drew back the string. He aimed the weapon for the heart of man, His creation.

“and she brought forth her first born son, & wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, & laid Him in a manger.” Luke 2:7




& this arrow pierced my heart. I am one of the broken hearted. i am one who’s heart is still hemorrhaging from heart surgery, from the sin that is being ripped out daily. but i am not left in helplessness. the Healer comes. He takes His nail pierced hands & presses them around my heart. for a moment the pain is so intense, i let out a blood curling scream!

then there’s quiet. there’s peace. i look down, & my heart looks different. healing has begun. a healing process that may take the rest of my life to understand. a healing process that is bringing me to an intimacy with Christ that I desperately long for. an intimacy i’ve been praying. an intimacy that i need.

I thought this wouldn’t happen until uganda. i thought it would be in the bush of africa where i would see my sin & then see Christ. but once again, God has shown me He is in control & has a much bigger plan for me. He has blessed me with a christmas gift that is priceless. that keeps on giving. & that i can give to others.



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