i know, i know! 2 posts in 1 day! but this is what lubwisi, the language I’ll be learning, sounds like. click on the link.


2 thoughts on “lubwisi.

  1. WOW!! Love it ALL and we are praying for you! I was in Kenya Last January 2012 and absolutely loved it! Africa is certainly a different animal than our American Tribes of social economic classes in suburbia. A sleeping church that is dying all around us with fat bellies and pocket books.

    As I am sure it has happened already, you will be forever changed and equipped for even greater woks through this. I am so proud of you! I can’t help but think of the eager eyed toddler who peered out at me from a room scattered with toys – seems like not that long ago!

    Guard your heart from judgment upon returning to the States- how desperately we need to wake up, for our priorities to fall into place, for that first love of Christ to be once again a light in the church. We are idol worshipers, adulterers, have no real fear of God…oh you know that the list goes on! How we need Jesus! And now-the signs so quickly pointing toward a setting up of world government and rule…sometimes I see it starting with the US…stir your passion for the US as well as Foreign missions, Varina! We need you!

    Lord Jesus, I pray for Varina-for her strength to be met by You, grant her your wisdom and a supernatural ability to display Your Character as Love in motion. Open her eyes, even more, to how much you love her and how complete your work is on the cross! She stands righteous and holy before you because of Jesus! Because of your forgiveness, she forgives the mothers who neglect their children and are selfish, the lack of respect for one another displayed among people, a lack of real concern and love for each other-a loss of wanting to live at all-how precious your creation is!!! Thank you for revealing that to her. And strengthen her in team relationships-with forgiveness, patience, gentleness, servanthood- give her real joy that is uncontainable, and peace that bubbles up from the depths of her. Bless her with giftings that reveal to others how powerful you are. Grant her courage and discernment and the ability to seize a perfect moment for the sake of your Gospel. Protect her, guide her and refresh her in her limited time to be alone.
    OH bless her Jesus! Thank you! Amen!

    • You have no idea how much I needed your sweet love & encouragement today. It has been a LONG day. Thank you for your prayers and warnings. I have been praying over my return since the moment I signed up for this trip. I know God is in control & has something planned even for the few years left of school. Miss you & your awesome family! We HAVE to get together when I return!

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