jet lagged.


day 1. kampala. I am writing this from my ipod because my computer is too slow (in my head I’m speaking in a ugandan accent). I apologize for any mistakes.

I am finally in africa. I realized this somewhere in between stepping out of the plane into heat, dragging my duffel & trunk across the airport, searching for a sign with my name on it because I didn’t know my driver, & not being able to understand tones & words from the many black faces surrounding me. when I finally found my driver david he told me to stand still & wait as he swiftly turned around & melted into the small chaos. I realized that I probably should have payed attention to his clothing to recognize him later. oh well. Lord, just get me to Kampala.

I met michael & lesley last night before I took a quick shower, crawled under my mosquito net & went to bed. what a long 2 days.

day 1 of uganda was spent seeing kampala from the streets & the grocery stores. we had to get all of our groceries for the next 8 weeks! (moms, just imagine…). it was strange walking into a fairly nice grocery store/”mall” in a place of dirt roads with huge potholes & wooden sheds as shops. each time we stepped out I went through a mini culture shock.

we spent the whole day going from store to store. by the time we were done, I was exhausted, dehydrated, & needing a nap. but my nanny job has already begun. I played with little finch as his mom & dad ran another errand. he’s a hyper little kid.

we went out to eat for dinner. pizza in africa. the power went put numerous times during the meal. we just continued eating. I couldn’t help but laugh when the barbie song came on as the waiter’s ringtone or party rock played as the background music. welcome to the africa paradox.

I am back in my room for the night. my head is pounding from a mixture of dehydration & jet lag. pray that I’ll be able to sleep through the night. I am more than intimidated & confused in this new culture. there is much to learn. every move I make feels like a cultural mistake. I am out of my comfort zone & asking for the Lord’s strength.

I was reminded today how much energy 2 year olds have. pray that i will have patience, joy, & love with this little boy. he is a lot of fun but I foresee exhaustion.

tomorrow we plan on driving to bundibugyo (or so I’ve heard). the drive is an adventure all to itself. I’m hoping for a miraculous healing from jet lag by morning to embrace the 8 hour drive.


2 thoughts on “jet lagged.

  1. Thinking and praying for you! What an amazing testament to trusting God in all circumstances you are. Love!!!
    btw it is snowing in Birmingham.

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