trust (a response to “pride”).

trust allows for strength.

she comments on the last sentence. she says it’s beautiful. I look back at the words. did I write that?

I often say that the Holy Spirit takes over my hands as I type. here is a perfect example.

what did I mean by that! what does that even mean!?

isaiah understood it “…in quietness & trust shall be your strength” (isaiah 30:15). is this a case of “i am weak, but He is strong?”

I search the internet. I look up trust. maybe webster will have an answer.

  1. assured reliance on character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something;
  2. dependence on something future or contigent;
  3. a property interest held by one person for the benefit of another.

so I trust God. I put my trust in Him. I rely, in full assurance, on His character, one of love, strength, & power. I depend not on something but on Someone for my present future & for my future eternally. I invest my life in God’s word & work, & He holds the interest for my benefit in eternity.

this is trust. yes, there is weakness. I am a weak person. crippled by my sin & flesh. but trust in One whose character I am fully assured of is good. it’s strength.

He is strong, therefore I will not crumble.



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