Abner Sol Benjamin Stevens.

“Welcome to the world, Baby Abner.”

The tiny frame of life is placed in my arms. I’ve never held a newborn. I feel awkward & not mature enough to hold a bundle so delicate & wonderful. I look into his squinted face buried in the white baby cloth. His small hand uncurls beside his cheek. Faces peer in to catch each precious moment of this new life.

“His fingers are so long!”

“Look at those perfectly formed nails.”

“There’s no way there’s not a God. Just look at him.”

“Awww. So cuuuuute.”

His eyes open for one brief moment & look straight into mine.

We’ve been waiting for you.



There’s something mystic, exciting, scary, & fantastical about holding a newborn. His face as big as my hand. His fingers half the size of my thumb. The wisps of hair swirled on top. The rounded tiny pupils squinting up for 2 seconds, blinking small amounts of the world. Easing his way into this new place, much bigger than the bubble he’s been swimming in. Were you only in the womb 3 hours ago? What was it like? Was it scary? Comfortable? Easy? What is it like to be brought forth into light? Because, Little One, that’s what your name means. Abner, Father of Light. Your name reminds me of your Daddy, the One who amazingly knit you in your mother’s womb. The One who watched over the whole process of your formation & growth. The one who molded your fingers out of hands, who sewed muscles into place, who placed the iris in its socket. He planned you, Little Masterpiece, & has brought you into His creation to enjoy it. He’s written a story with an irreplaceable role for Abner Stevens.



I don’t know why God timed your birth to be the day after Lesley’s best friend left, to be so close to the WHM conference, to be in a different hospital than planned, to be here in Spain. But He showed His love to your momma even in the smallest way. Your dear momma loves creativity in the every day details, & the midwife who brought you forth was named Estrella, star. The star brought forth the light. Estrella brought out Sol. Your momma’s gonna tell that to story to your grandkids.



Dear Precious Fingers, Precious Nose. I pray that you will grow in your Father’s Light. I pray that you will bring light into your family’s lives. I pray that you will radiate Christ’s light wherever He takes you. You have a strong name. Abner Sol Benjamin Stevens. Father of Light, Light, Son of My Right Hand, Crown. I pray strength into your being, strength that surpasses understanding. Strength that comes from above. Live out your name, Dear Abner. Be strong & courageous. Charge forth into this world on the adventure God lays out for you. Bless your family with laughter & community. Spur on others in challenges & battles.  Shed light into the lives of many. And trust that He will always provide.




And finally, Abner, I pray that you will show endless grace to your older brother who is nonstop talking about you & ready to terrorize you. Bring on the fun.



4 thoughts on “Abner Sol Benjamin Stevens.

  1. This is beautiful. Well written and thank you for sharing! Excited for this baby to be in the flesh! And cracking up at every picture of Finch. He is OBSESSED. Family pic with his hand on Abner and eyes only for him haaa. Love it.

  2. beautiful. i feel a sigh of relief here thousands of miles away. thanks for the story, and we will see you soon!

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