Sit back, Relax, & Watch the Show.

So I’m a raging video editing, late nights, stressed out, obsessed with spider webs, totally loving it, seeing everything as a shot, searching for lens flares, “I have no idea what I’m doing”, “professional” student videographer. What does that mean? I make videos when people ask me to. And it’s fun. Lots of fun. But it’s also CRAZY! The learning curve is Mount Everest & my patience may have grown to the size of a peanut M&M (which I consumed a large bag of this week while simultaneously pulling out chucks of curls & googling why my 1920×1080 video was exporting at 1280×720.)

This job hasn’t been easy. I’m constantly frustrated with the editing process & how much I don’t know & need to learn, & daily wondering, why am I not in school for this! It’s just that standing behind a camera, focusing the lens for a perfect boca blur, catching the sun through the dew drops on a silky line of pure strength sparks a flame inside of me that travels along a fuse of creativity, gaining light & strength each centimeter until it explodes in a burst of joy & color & laughter & angels singing the hallelujah chorus. And that’s worth travelling mountainous roads of learning.

Video is an art. And it’s an art that displays & highlights others’ talents & stories. It’s a challenge to keep my eyes open & ears tuned to deeply listen to the people around me. With a camera, I have the capability to open someone’s eyes to their story & to other people’s story & to show beauty amidst the chaos. It’s a challenge. It’s a job. It’s a risky adventure, especially when one begins to combine art, technology, & human beings.

I’m constantly searching vimeo to gain ideas, perspectives, & skills. Oh, I like how they focused. That angle is good. Wow! What a shot! Each video takes me not only into the world of the video, but also into the mind of the videographer. I no longer watch videos just for the content. My trained eye notices the shake of the camera, the focus in & out, the slide across the audience & the filters applied to create an effect.

If you’re a fellow lover of movies, art, & joy, then you may understand half of what I’m saying. Buuut if now, no worries. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite videos I’ve watched over the past few weeks. They are worth a good study break, family time, or resting & soaking in perspective, angles, & lens flares. I’ll give you 4 minutes & 37 seconds to grab your drink of choice & pop some popcorn.

Here we go:

ON FAITH:  Jason “Propaganda” Petty tells his story about growing up the wrong color, in the wrong place. As a black kid in a Mexican neighborhood & a poet in an “alpha male urban environment,” Jason struggled to find his true identity. Watch his testimony & then his art. If you’re impatient- I mean, doing important things like saving the world- then watch the first video & skip to 4:50 on the second video. I like his second poem more. Note the camera movements!

ON CULTURE: Want to travel across the world without raising the funds for a plane ticket? These camera lovers attempted to capture an all out Indian wedding & turn it into a fully scripted narrative production. Wow! I was impressed by the write up, so I coaxed a friend into watching the whole short film with me. The ending was… well… tell me if you get it. So if you want the full Indian experience watch the full video. If not, watch the trailer. And because this video wasn’t the best, plot wise, I had to find another one to make it up to you. So ignore everything I just said, & watch this: India : Oxelo Skateboards. Once again, train your eye to see the styles of cinematography & enjoy skating through India.

ON FUN: Ok! Here’s a great one! If you don’t watch any of the above


Devin Supertramp (aka Devin Graham) has become aYouTube star after gaining over 1 million subscribers. The guy has thrown himself off canyons, triked behind fast moving cars (yes that’s a thing), shot through the air from a human slingshot, & traveled to Hawaii to live in his car & film water jet packs. What a guy! What a passion! What a job! Why are you not freaking out as much as I am! He has a glidecam that stabilizes the camera so that he can run full speed while shooting, like in this Assassins Creed Meets Parkour video. I want one! So pick a video or watch them all. I highly recommend listening to Devin talk about Fighting For Your Passion.

And last but (hopefully) not least. Here’s what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks working with Oak Mountain Church & filming weddings & MC rush skits. Check back in a few weeks for the Indian ring ceremony I filmed this weekend.







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