About Me


Hi, I’m Varina. I’m the 6th Varina in my family and that gets a little confusing sometimes.

But welcome to my blog. I should warn you that my blogs are sparse and far apart, but when I do find time to write, I usually reference my curly hair. At this point in life, my time is spent hitting the books (sometimes literally) and filming/editing videos. Words are a jumbled up mess in my head falling in between flash cards, right clicks and a thousand renders. My heart’s desire is… (ice cream!)… is CHRIST and to know Him and see His beauty in the hidden aspects of creation: like water droplets on a spider web (now you’ll notice!). 

A long time ago, in the old days of kindergarten, for a career dress up day, I proudly walked in wearing a Kenyan shirt-turned-dress & a turban over my hair. I was a missionary. And why not!? Go on adventures, live in the jungle, get dirty, speak a cool language, meet new people. Fast forward a few seconds, and I am a college student at a small liberal arts Christian college, no longer wearing a turban, discovering what it means to follow Christ and be creative, and constantly trying to find a plane (or sailboat) ticket overseas.

During high school summers, I interned with a sports camp on the island of Eleuthera. After 3 semesters of college, I decided I needed a break from school and flew to the bush of Uganda to be a nanny for an awesome, airplane flying, boda racing, cookie eating, curly blond headed 2 year old boy. My 3 month trip to 1 country turned into a 5 1/2 month trip to 3 countries: Uganda, South Sudan, and Spain.

A year later, I’m back in the states, finishing school, capturing stories with my camera, kayaking whenever I can, and trying to develop a few skills that may actually be useful in life. I enjoy well written words, good beer, trail runs, early morning bike rides, pour-over coffee, swing and salsa dancing, last minute adventures, and lots of ice cream: any time, anywhere.

While in Africa, I was struck with how little I could do there to change people’s situations. I constantly struggled with my role in the larger picture of God’s Kingdom. As I spent more time with the Babwisi people, I saw the great need for others back home to hear and feel the suffering and perspectives of others across the globe. This blog  is a place for thoughts and stories, of my own as well as others. Join me in my learning process, in my adventures, in my struggles, in a few good laughs, and my overall part in fighting and longing for God’s kingdom.

Enjoy the travels and the glimpses of other worlds. Become friends with the people I meet. And feel free to comment on anything!

But first, go eat a bowl of ice cream for me.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Varina, I was just talking w/Chafen. She has finally healed up her foot enough to start running again. Who better to run with than the fastest dog on the planet but Marley. He had not seen her for some time and the both of us could not calm him down. I know you are having fun doiing the Lord’s work.

    Take care
    Ed Tyberghein

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